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SOLD - Knights Cross (German language Ritterkreuz) refers to a distinguishing grade or level of various orders that denotes bravery and leadership on the battlefield. - Polaroid photos are taken from an instant camera. Instant camera is a type of camera with self-developing polaroid film.

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Tower relates to
Telecom Tower
Peek of business


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In architecture, a turret (from Italian: torretta, little tower; Latin: turris, tower) is a small tower that projects vertically from the wall of a building such as a medieval castle. Turrets were used to provide a projecting defensive position allowing covering fire to the adjacent wall in the days of military fortification. As their military use faded, turrets were adopted for decorative purposes, as in the Scottish baronial style.


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Product related domain name (ignition keys, ignition systems).
There is a movie in this name. Game for leading consoles - Stuntman: Ignition.


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